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At Intuitive Minds Wellness, we provide personalized treatment to help women thrive in body and spirit, build resiliency and achieve their highest personal power.

Women's Psychiatric Evaluations

Our unique evaluations include consideration of biological, nutritional, genetic, psychological, hormonal, social and environmental factors that contribute to mental health symptoms.

Supplements & Nutraceuticals

We encourage a food forward approach! However, when appropriate, supplements may be recommended to optimize wellness, boost immunity or treat nutritional/hormonal/vitamin deficiencies. We may also use supplements to aid in metabolizing medication, protecting the gut from pharmaceuticals or in lieu of medications.

Functional Laboratory Studies

Laboratory Studies – Alongside common labs, we may recommend additional lab testing for allergies, food sensitivities, environmental toxin exposure, immunology reports, Candida, amino acid testing, and genetic testing.

Mindful Medication Prescribing

Though we advocate for developing organic solutions and therapeutic interventions in the healing process, we will create a wellness plan that prescribes medications and manages prescriptions catered to each individual, as it pertains to optimizing your health.

We offer in-person sessions & teletherapy

We are here to provide a safe space, a compassionate partner in your health journey and an authentic healing experience.

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What makes us different

We Take the Road Less Traveled

The Problem
When women finally do seek professional help, they are all too quickly dismissed, disparaged and/or handed a prescription to band-aid these surface symptoms.
The Cause
Current health statistics show women are overmedicated, more sensitive to medication side-effects and likely to be on multiple medications. Women have been historically underserved, understudied, underrepresented and misinformed. We can do better. You are not alone!
The Solution

We need to learn to reconnect with our bodies and support one another. You are important enough to make time for yourself, to invest in you. When a woman flourishes, she radiates this energy to everyone around her. We got this!

Women are more prone to feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, under-acknowledged and alone. So many of us give selflessly and abundantly to everyone and everything around us, often neglecting our own needs, ignoring our bodies and disconnecting from ourselves. Many women are plagued with guilt, anxiety, irritability, depression and self-doubt. Not only do women carry the heavy burden of our own expectations and self-criticisms, but we are more likely to internalize the stress of others. Eventually our bodies begin to buckle and cry out with physical symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, weight gain, brain fog, stomach upset, hair loss, hormone imbalances, infertility and chronic inflammation.